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Introducing the Live Well Homes

On 01-15-2019

EpiComm Technologies has developed an application for a construction company, Live Well Homes, who are builders of family homes in a number of states in the USA. The software comprises two applications; the administration application and the iPad application.

Version 2.0.0 of live well homes is available for the iPad in the Apple Store, and can be downloaded from this URL; https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/livewell-home-builder/id762372892?mt=8

The admin panel is a web-based application provided to the construction company for updating their home designs and making alterations with each floor plan, elevation, as well as adding new designs of homes and further details.

The iPad application has been developed for sales individuals from the construction company so they are able to view a variety of designs, floor plans, elevations and details of homes added by the admin panel.

All changes made in the admin panel are reflected in the iPad application and sales individuals can search and look through various PDFs, home designs and elevation images.

The sales people are able to use the iPad application in their meetings with clients and can present various home designs with all of the necessary detail. This provides all those involved with the opportunity to look over many more designs and make decisions which will lead to their favourite choices.

Features of release number 1, Version 1.0.0

The construction company will use this application as a catalogue. iPad users will be able to view a number of designs and various floor plans, for both single and double story buildings.

The administration application for the construction company provides them with an opportunity to add PDFs, designs and floor plans related to a variety of homes, which can be examined by the sales individuals searching data on their iPad application.

Admin users can add an incredible range of images of kitchens, master retreats, bathrooms, exterior and living spaces, through this web application. The salesperson will be able to take their clients through an instant viewing of the information via a single click from the iPad app.

Features of release number 2, version 2.0.0

All of the features of version 1.0.0 are included in this application, together with a range of additional features. All users of the iPad application will be able to view all of the homes, with the price conveniently presented against each home.

The availability of each home is included as an additional function within the application where users can apply a separate view of properties which are available for sale, but not yet sold out.

Through the administration module, users can include additional data such as the various websites and additional PDFs which are related to the numerous homes.

The admin user can add images of kitchens, master retreats, bathrooms, exterior and living spaces for both single and double story homes. With just one click on the iPad app, the sales individual can show all of those images either as single or double story buildings.

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