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Epicomm Technologies Limited offers affordable and efficient supports your business requirements as well as your software needs. We provide customized software solution with emphasis on mobile application development, e-commerce portals and web applications.

We value our customer needs and provide meaningful working partnerships that results in quantitative success that can be integrated across the project. We not just build stand alone applications, but also applications that are integrated with web services, Google maps etc. We have a delegated team who are able to provide start to end software solution for any type of project. The proficiency and extensive expertise of our team are the biggest assets in building user friendly, secured, scalable mobile & web applications that highly satisfies customer needs. Partnering with Epicomm you get the best application development that outsourcing can offer.

Technologies Domains

  • iOS : iOS Native, Cross Platform & Swift
  • Java : Spring, JPA, hibernet, Android, Web Development, node JS
  • Dot Net : ASP, C#, MVC & Xamarin
  • PHP : Wordpress, Laravel & Drupal
  • UI/UX Design : Photoshop, HTML, CSS, Javascript, AngularJS & jQueryMobile
  • Quality Assurance : Manual Testing, Automation Testing with Selenium & Jenkins
  • Networking Solutions : Cloud services, Networking, Conference room solutions, Storage, Servers, Virtualization & thin clients.
  • Big data : Pentaho Kettle, Hadoop, MySql, SQL Server, NoSql with Cassandra & mongoDB


We care for everything!

With the powerful processing ability of today’s handheld devices, mobile phones and tablets have become more than just devices to receive calls. They are now extensions and in cases primary devices in the enterprise and consumer space. Epicomm recognizes this and has the technical expertise to cater to the needs of enterprise mobility and consumer application development. Whether it is developing for a single platform or cross platform, our services include mobile application development for iPhone, iPad and Android.

  • We have assisted clients with the following solutions:

  • Custom consumer applications
  • Custom business mobility applications
  • Promotional apps
  • Mobile Web development

Recent Case Studies

Social Night life is a web and mobile app catered towards restaurants, night clubs and bar industry patrons. It provides a social networking platform for users to connect with friends and share their experiences on particular nightclub or restaurant. It allows owners of the hospitality industry to publish and promote various events taking place at their venues. The application has various types of users to cater to the venue owner, general visitor, and event companies and so on.

  • Features

  • Facebook & Twitter Integration
  • FourSquare API's Integration for additional venue Searching
  • MapQuest API Integration for States, Cities & Country Listing while Registering
  • UserVoice Service Integrated for Feedback Feature
  • Twilio API Integration for sending textual SMS's through web-interface
  • Event management including ticketing, invitation & table reservations
  • Custom reports

Journaling what we are thankful for on a daily basis will bring more peace and joy into our life. All this can be done using MyHeadCoach app.

MyHeadCoach provides different functionalities to the user such as self-assessment through in-build Questionnaire, Mood tracking, set alerts for meditation, and tracking daily activities.

It is an iOS, Android, and Web application developed for helping people to become more aware of what matters most in their life.

  • Features

  • Users can select how their mood is or what they are thankful for in the Morning, Afternoon, and Evening.
  • User can set goals of daily activities like for how much time they will perform cardio exercise, strength exercises, water ounces needs to be taken, sleep, nutrition intake and can mark it as completed on daily basis.
  • This way app helps users to practice good habits everyday.

Placewise is a cross platform (iOS and Android) app is used by more than 50 malls as a marketing tool to showcase various stores, deals in stores and events in their respective malls.

  • Features

  • List of stores and search facility to look for a particular store
  • Push notification for the deals at various stores
  • Map layout of mall
  • Integration with Facebook connect and Twitter
  • Integration with Google Maps for driving directions to the mall from user’s current location
  • Event management including ticketing, invitation & table reservations
  • Integration with Google DFP for banner advertisements

iNeverSolo is a cross platform (iOS and Android) emergence alert application. It allows a user to create a detailed plan for a particular activity (outdoor or urban), alerts the designated contacts via email if something goes wrong and the user is unable to reach the destination as planned.

  • Features

  • Facility to enter detailed plan - starting point, any significant way points, mode of travel and final destination, expected time
  • Facility to enter detailed plan - starting point, any significant way points, mode of travel and final destination, expected time
  • Plans stored on back end server
  • Automated attempt to contact user if plan not closed in the stipulated time as planned
  • 3 types of Contacts - Reliable, Unreliable & Unavailable
  • Ability to create groups of contacts
  • Notification to designated contacts in case the plan is not completed in the pre-defined time frame

Live Well Homes is an iPad application for Realtors to better showcase the homes in their portfolio to buyers. It provides a catalogue that includes floor plans, elevations etc. The application has an administrator section to enable a realtor to include details of the homes such as images, pdf files and so on.

  • Features

  • Registration module
  • Ability to mark an image as favorite to be displayed on the home page
  • Listing by community
  • Listing by floor plans
  • Listing by elevation (single, double)
  • Ability to add to favorites
  • Search functionality
  • Catalogue of accessories (flooring, tiles etc.) to customize the interiors (kitchen, living room etc.)

Love to play with Bows and Arrows? Want to use your archery skills? In this game you will enjoy the fun of shooting balloons with Bow & Arrows on your mobile phones or Tablets. 'ArchXpert' is a new classic archery game that will test your archery skills on balloons. It is a journey of over 6 levels with amazing game scenarios and great scores along the way. Adorable interaction, cool scores with nice background music & a never ending stream of shooting balloons will make you enjoy!

  • Features

  • Amazing balloons shooting game environment with attractive archery platform.
  • Nice music and Sound effects
  • Interesting game levels
  • Game is infinite in nature
  • Interesting for all age groups

SpendDiary is a expense tracking and paperless Reimbursement requests App for iOS. SpendDiary is a expense tracker and reimbursement requests App which allows user to create Expense report, ask for reimbursement, store all receipts and get reports in PDF through Email. This makes management accounting easy. You can save all receipts in this application for long run making a best alternative for keeping paper records

  • Features

  • Add and Record your Daily Expense
  • Track your Business Trip Expense
  • Reduce Business Accounting Efforts
  • Save Bill Receipts within App
  • Generate PDF Reports
  • Email Expense Reports



Epicomm has expertise in Java, .Net – ASP, C#, MVC, PHP development. We have vast experience in building custom web applications ranging from CMS based websites to digital library management systems, reporting solutions, e-commerce portals and billing systems. We build easy to use applications to address your specific business needs.

We work hard to comprehend the needs of the customer and translate it to a product or a custom application. We spend time to understand the requirements to the smallest of details. As your offshore development partner we help you enhance, maintain your current products and applications as well as build from ground up the product you have envisioned.

  • Understanding of client and server side scripting.
  • Testing for compliance to specified standards such as accessibility standards in the client region
  • Programming interaction with javaScript, Java, Dot Net, PHP

Recent Case Studies

Canary text web application is used by a small business for group texting and exchanging communication through SMS via the web interface.

This web application provides different functionalities to a user such as send messages immediately, schedule them into the future, and create a group of contacts which are referred as Tag.

Users can send a text to few selected contacts in a Tag, To a single tag, or To multiple tags at a time. It helps the user to create a custom template that can be reused.

Canary text web application helps the user to import their existing contacts easily via CSV import and view reply to their CanaryTEXT messages directly on their mobile phone instead of having to log into the application.

It's a simple enough application to be ideally suited for a variety of quick communication use cases.

  • Features

  • Importing contacts
  • Group creation, tagging
  • One on SMS chat interaction via web
  • Mass SMS sending

CSTAT is a data collection application mostly used for apartment inspection and provides customized output reports as per requirement.

In this application, a user creates a project, groups of projects, customized template, add forms, and fills the information in that form. Then user shares the URL of the output of this form via email. Output can be pdf, word, or excel.

CSTAT has 'Offline mode' functionality which helps the user to access the project and data of the website without an internet connection.

This is our one of the hybrid mobile-web application which is available in all three platforms i.e. iOS, Android and Progressive web app.

  • Features

  • Customized solution for data collection and output.
  • Get your site inspection report filled via the CSTAT application
  • You can have a customized template for the output report as per your requirement.
  • After completing the inspection send a report via email.

This is an E-commerce Web Application used for ordering customized Cheques, Tax Forms, Stamps, Ink Refills and envelopes, etc.

This Application lets customers to create and customize Cheque Design, Envelopes Design, Deposit Slips Design, Stamps Design, Tax Forms Design, and also users to enter Bank Info, Address Info, Logo, Cheque Start Number, Design, and Color of Cheque as per his/her Requirement.

This Application has integrated Woo commerce for shopping cart management.

  • Features

  • Create and order customized checks
  • Add required content on cheque
  • See preview of cheque while ordering
  • Order Tax Forms, Stamps, Ink Refills, Envelops etc.

PGE is an online tool developed to connect buyers and sellers who care about gender equity, in a (rigorous) framework that enables market linkage, investment, learning, and innovation overtime on the issue of gender equity in office.

Producer organizations can give Gender equity assessment through this application. As per their responses score is calculated in the back-end and the Scorecard is generated after reviewing from Admin.

This is a web application developed in Angular(Front End) and Java(Back end).

  • Features

  • Assessment can be created and published using the app via an Admin account.
  • Producer organization can give assessments by selecting answers, uploading required documents and comments.
  • Score gets calculated for each submitted assessment as per weightage given by Admin for questions and answers.
  • Detailed PDF report containing statistics can be downloaded from App.

It is basically for users that are involved in organizing and participating late night parties and sharing their experience over Social-Networking platform. With SocialNightlife, professionals have an amazing new tool to help them manage guest lists and table reservations, offer incentives as well as keep tabs on reporting and analytics. Regulars in the nightlife community will also find that SocialNightlife makes it easier than ever to connect with others, share content and find nearby events on the web or on the go.

  • Features

  • Venue management = "Backstage", the venue and team management tool allows venues to automate tasks like guest lists and table reservations while offering event, guest and team reports to empower venue managers to make better informed decisions and grow their venues presence in a very competitive market
  • Photo Gallery - Public gallery, advanced photo editing through aviary effect and one touch photo filters, hashtags & importing photos from instagram to website.
  • Social Networking - The social networking aspect of SocialNightlife allows for fans to interact with other fans and share photos and videos from their favorite venues.
  • Guest Incentives and customer service - Our location based feature, coupled with "Backstage", gives venue managers the tools to better anticipate their guest's behavior and identify them, while having the ability to incentivize return clients and improve customer service standards with the built in automated tools.
  • Targeted marketing - SocialNightlife enables venue managers to get to prospective customers more efficiently.
  • Event Promotions - Websites built in tools allow you to easily share your event on other networks, including syncing accounts with Twitter and Facebook, and location based feature allowing users to use GPS to look for nearby events and publish live reviews, making promotions viral and in the hands of those that count. It also includes event importing from facebook.
  • Client Management Interface (CMI):- This feature is available only to industry type of users. Main objective of this feature is to manage user's Client list. On the main CMI page, user will be able to navigate other Backstage tab likes Calendar, Teams, Tables & Reports. User can perform other activities specific to these tabs but there reflections will not be shown on CMI.

BernieSez is a web based bidding application that provides a platform for law offenders (speeding, disorderly conduct etc.) to post their cases as tickets and for lawyers to bid to represent these people. The application has two types of accounts i.e. User Account & Lawyer Account which are created by the user filling separate registration forms in order to enter into the application.

  • Features

  • Multiple user accounts - Law offenders and lawyers.
  • Multiple tickets in one case.
  • Dashboard for lawyers - Available Cases, My Cases, My bids, Task, Calendar.
  • Integration with payment gateway.
  • Message board
  • Lawyer rating on case bases

American Sleep Association (ASA) has an FDA (Food & Drug Administration) approved oral appliance to reduce sleep apnea and is accredited by Medicare. ASA teamed up with Epicomm to create a web based application that would enable its customers to review information on the oral products, take sleep or no sleep tests and view other related facts.

  • Features

  • Depository - Stores patient data and parsed patient forms for review by the sales team
  • Integration with InsideSales, third party dialer application - Records history of the follow up conversation of the sales team with the customer registered on the website
  • Google Analytics - Detailed statistics on visitors
  • Virtual Scan - Patient forms parsing to make each form available as a separate document.

Single Form is a web-based platform for staffing companies to register for various services that are offered by Single Form on its service site StartRight. Services that are offered by Single Form to its customers are new hire report to texas workforce commission [TWC], e-verify - electronic document verification, candidate background verification, payroll card by TFG.

  • Features

  • Customer admin account for employee and service management
  • Electronic document/contract signing between Single Form and customers
  • Access management for user to provide limited data access as per user roles.
  • Weekly reporting of new hires to texas workforce commission within compliance timeframe.
  • Background verification of candidates before employment.
  • Newe-verify request for hires using FCBI api

Startup Project Metrics System (SPM) is Web application developed by EpicommIT Technologies limited .The Objective of this application is to store information regarding Hardware Devices which shall be under Projects and to let the user to Add , Delete and Search Devices .The Devices shall be added in Punchlist device section or in the Variance device section .The app keep tracks of status of the devices which are open or closed. There shall be various projects to store information of all systems and devices ; Thus the application shall keep record at what time a particular project was opened and for what duration . Reports of Devices Systems and Projects shall be shown in graphical format .

  • Features

  • Data entry
  • Punchlist & Variance
  • Reports and admin

Onspot offers powerful mobile data insights and unparalleled targeting precision, A web application based on mobile geolocation targeting, Purpose of the Onspot is to help deeper understanding of any specified audience that have been to, or near, any location of interest area for marketing purposes.

  • Features

  • Behavioral Targeting
  • Location Analytics
  • Reporting on devices


World class Design & User Experience

One of the important stages when managing a new requirement from any Client as it is a part & parcel of requirement gathering. The different teams right from the Analyst’s, development & designing team come together & discuss the requirements & feasibility. Mock-ups are then created; if UI designs are not provided by the Client & are sent to the client so as to make them aware of about the look & feel of the application. Once approved the actual process of UI Development kicks off. We create HTML designs that are compatible for all browsers & mobilephone resolutions. We perform thorough testing to avoid Design breaking & check for compatibility issues. With our team having expertise in HTML, CSS, Javascript & JQuery Mobile, we create & design mobile app screens & web pages as per the requirements of the customers & design right from the scratch for custom made applications. Our focus is to make the application more user friendly & increase its usability.

  • The way we take-up work is:

  • Understanding User needs:- Carefully analyze the Client’s requirements, what they need & fit together the designs in a creative & appealing way.
  • Creating Wire-Frames:- Design mock-ups so the Client can get to know how would the application look & feel when designed.
  • Design Development:- Wire-frames when accepted, actual process of the Designing commences based upon whether application is web based or a mobile application.
  • Testing:- We test the designs at our end & as well as we provide them to Clients for testing, in order to uncover any issues; if found to occur.


Todays Talent, Tomorrows Success

We provide staff augmentation services by outsourcing skilled personnel to work under client’s direction to help develop, maintain, manage and support their business needs. We have a repository of skilled resources that we can make available to our customers quickly and cost effectively. We have a well-established pool of professionals, who in times of pressure can start working at client’s site at a very short notice. We are able to provide our client’s with services of qualified professionals, for both short and long-term requirements. Only those resources who distinguish high standards in skills, technical evaluation & vary in experience from 1-8 years will be engaged at client sites. They will contribute significantly to the project from day one. Our highly trained man power can help you manage customers project time lines.

  • Procedure for Resource Augmentation:

  • Client can forward all their resource requirement requests through the request to quote link.
  • Client shall have to send in all details such as name, contact information, company name, company location, approximate duration for which candidate is required, expected start date and all resource requirement details while quoting the request.
  • Once client forwards all its requirements to us we go for a process of profile screening of the right candidates within our employee group in relevance to clients requirements.
  • Once done with the internal profile screening we send in a confirmation email to the respective client along with the set of CV’s of the right perspective candidates.
  • After that client shall shortlist some of the CV’s as per their requirements and then schedule an interview and inform us.

Onsite Resource Augmentation: In case of onsite resource augmentation we provide services only for pune location in India and anywhere outside India.

Offsite Resource Augmentation: In case of offsite resource augmentation the employee works at our office location itself and is in touch with the client via skype call/emails/phone calls to manage and share all details related to the project.

  • Web: Java, .Net – ASP, C#, MVC, PHP
  • Mobile: iOS, Android, Native and Cross platform
  • User Interface: HTML, CSS, Javascript, AngularJS, JQuery Mobile
  • Quality Assurance: Application testing, Manual testing, Automation Testing

IOT Services

The new revolution

Epicomm is providing IOT services that connects your machines, your people and your processes to drive digital transformation. We have stepped into IOT to make everyday life easy using the power of IOT. We study problem area and provide customised IOT solution which does create magic in your life by giving outcome that matters to you. Our solutions are based on the Connect, Collect and Consume model; from sensors, to connectivity to mobile applications for monitoring, alerting, reporting.

Recent Case Studies

Monitor in Snap is IOT based solution. It is a change in the philosophy of monitoring your business activity or your child when you are away from the location. When you are away from your business location or from place where your child is located and doing something else, you have no opportunity to see what’s going at your workspace or child’s location at a specific point of time. This solution helps you to achieve the same without getting into complicated CCTV system. For example, if you want a snap of your business location of 2 pm which you want to see once your meeting finishes at 4 pm, you can surely have a look instantly. This solution can be extended for machine monitoring by reading any display associated with the machine and giving alerts as per specific alert points using OCR technology and Natural Language Processing.


  • Stream images directly to your device: Get images directly to your phone which is convenient to monitor
  • Get real time images: Monitor in snap allows you to get real time images.
  • Decide when to get images clicked: You can schedule a time, day and an interval for an images to be snapped.
  • Can view images even without Internet: No need of internet to view already received the images, also images will be taken even you do not have internet connection. You will receive all images as per schedule when you are online. So you can monitor things hassle free while travelling.
  • Can measure Machine’s output: You can place the camera right in front of any machine which measures total output of your product.
  • Save time on watching videos: You get images instead of prolonged videos, so it saves your time and efforts to monitor video continuously.

Chiller Temperature Monitoring IOT based solution - These are for large chilling water plant supplying cold water to various Air Handling Units serving more than 150k sq. ft area. If something goes bad in the plant, temperature of water starts warming gradually. If the support staff comes to know that water has started warming, they can act and fix the problem before water temperature reaches unacceptable levels. This IOT solution triggers an alert to support staff so that they can act immediately.


  • Get Temperature reading Directly on your Device: Get temperature reading directly on your phone which is convenient to monitor.
  • Get Real Time temperature: Chiller Temperature Monitor allows you to get real time temperature reading on click of one button as well as by schedule.
  • Decide when to get temperature reading recorded: You can schedule a time, day and an interval for temperature to record.
  • Can View temperature reading even without Internet: No need of internet to view recorded temperature, so you can monitor things hassle free while travelling.
  • Save time on monitoring: You get temperature readings directly on your device, no need to go on site to check on readings, so it saves your time and efforts of monitoring.