May 31


Game development Steps to Start

On 05-31-2019

Before we dive into any game app development, it’s important to plan out the app.

Here are some things which we should put in writing:

1. The Goal: Write down in sentences which describes what the game app does. As, game app is how user can play the game(Instructions/ Rules are given). While playing game user can hear music. How difficulty level is given in the game.

2. The Scope: Agree on all the features which are included in our app. Beware of feature creep(the ongoing expansion or addition of new features in a product, such as in computer software. These extra features go beyond the basic function of the product and can result in software bloat and over-complication rather than simple design). Decide what features are in and what features are out before we start.

3. Theme and strategy: What are the game app’s theme. Whether it is attractive, user friendly or not?? Decide marketing strategy as well.

4. Interface: Interface should be more attractive as we are making game app.

5. Difficulty level: Game should be easy to understand but it won’t be interesting if we won’t increase difficulty levels.”

Once these answers are ready, game development can be kick started.

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