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Technology that allows you to work Offline

On 05-08-2019

Making your application work offline means that user continues to experience the same features even when they are disconnected from their internent without letting their work getting hampered.

Here are some applications : Envirochain, Adesso and SocialNightlife in which we have used Offline Mode functionality.

Applications using Offline Mode

1. Envirochain

Envirochain is web based, iPhone and android application which helps sample generator to sign up and go through the steps involved in generating chain of custody.

Chain of Custody (CoC) refers to a process which ensures that samples are intact and no one has messed with it while it is being transported from place of collection to laboratory where it will be analysed for any contamination involved.

There are two types of users in Envirochain: 1. Sample Generator 2. Lab Admin

Lab admin can also see all the submitted CoCs from lab admin login.

In submitted CoCs block all the CoCs submitted to this lab are displayed.

How to use Envirochain in offline mode?

There can be many situations when user will be offline like, suddenly internet connection gone or he is not getting network connection at any place.

Even with WI-Fi and cellular broadband, there can be many scenarios (air planes, WI-Fi only devices, remote areas) where people still need to work without a connection. .. etc.

In Envirochain app, when user gets ‘active internet connection’ & logs in into application then data get synced automatically.

User can also sync data manually (internet connection is on) by clicking on sync icon on app.

User can submit, edit and delete CoCs in offline mode and whenever he will get internet connection he can sync those and CoCs will be submitted to the laboratory.

iTunes URL:

2. Adesso Application

Adesso is a software platform that was created for large enterprises with use cases where internet connectivity in remote locations is either absent or limited. Applications built or integrated with Adesso can run in online as well as offline mode. Highly granular user permissions, true fully bi-directional sync, automatic SQL filtering in between each sync direction, conflict resolution rules and automation capabilities, and more make Adesso the preferred choice of many large enterprises that have particular sync requirements for different users or user groups as well as for enterprises requiring on-premise solutions.

How Adesso works offline?

Add Offline Sync to Your EXISTING Microsoft SQL Server Database.

Since Adesso uses Microsoft SQL Server as its data store, it plays nice with existing SQL server database applications. This means that adding sync and offline capability to your existing SQL Server database application is simple and easy with Adesso, without the need to rebuild your schema.

User can sync data manually or set Automatically.

User can create forms for showing data on UI forms.

When app is in offline mode Data entered in forms is stored in Local Database.

When user get internet connection he can sync data manually or if it is already set to Auto Sync, data will be sync automatically.

Four Types of Sync Per User, Per Table

Fully bi-directional sync

Sync from server to client only

Sync from client to server only

No sync

With Adesso, you can actually set up a different sync type for each table in your application for each and every single one of your users or user groups. This gives you a huge amount of control on what data are pushed up to the server from the user, and what data are pushed down to the user.

3. SocialNightlife

SocialNightlife is a community and a network of social experience for people who want to live those moments.

SocialNightlife is an easy, fun and social way to experience the best nightlife.

Explore venues and events, plan your Nights with friends and meet new people wherever you go.

It is designed for multiple platforms – iPhone, iPad, Android.

There are many features in SocialNightlife Application

We have given offline mode functionality of iPAd app only.

It is Enterprise only app and it is made available to venues & available on request.

How offline feature in SNL works?

Offline mode functionality is used in “Table reservation” module.

Buttons are given – Offline/Online mode button for switching between offline mode and online mode

Data Synchronisation while going in offline Mode – On click of Offline Mode button, we will need to fetch all data of backstage like guest and Table Reservations list and save it in local database. Then user can perform activities in offline mode.

Data Synchronisation while going in Online Mode – On the click of Online Mode, changes made by user in offline mode will get synced to server.

Challenges in Offline mode:

As ‘Each coin has two sides’ there are some challenges in offline mode.

When we take update from user while syncing data, there can be many situations which data should be sync first? At that time firstly latest updated data will be synced on the basis of last updated time.

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