Twilio Services

EpiComm provide end-to-end customized development services to improve customer relationship management processes to increase sales, boost productivity, and improve customer service.

Epicomm design and create additional modules, custom plugins, or a suite of software applications that can integrate with the existing or newly developed CRM systems. CRM system is a digital platform that enables businesses to manage relationships with their prospects, leads, and customers. It is a combination of tools that helps companies acquire new customers and nurture the existing ones Our CRM solution experts are proficient in developing solutions on top of open source platforms.

Epicomm can provide you a solution, If you have a team and your team (agents) who complete your business process by collecting documents, attending or making calls, coordinating with different parties like insurance, healthcare industry or third parties etc and if you want all this process (Work) customized and automated that your need can be fulfilled here.

Also we can customize CRM in such way that, Assign inbound/outbound calls through IVR technology to service agents based on their resolution capabilities, expert knowledge areas, and automate assigning based on the keywords and pre-defined rules for routing calls,automating process by using scripts.

Epicomm develops Web based application, it is basically a Customer Relationship Management Application as per the requirement in such a way that CRM Software records customer contact information such as email phone number, website address, social media profile, sales opportunity and organizes all information to give you complete data of individuals or organizations or companies for the better understanding relationship with customers, it improves customer relationship management by creating a view of the customer capturing their interfaces with the business with the primary goal for better conversations with customers, Create help-desk groups to streamline incoming/Outgoing calls to different departments the organization.

All the facilities for a call center will be provided in order to make the sales happen and get the documentation completed either through phone or online with the automated script.

We will Integrate Twilio in order to complete the requirement so it allows users to deliver customer support over multiple channels.

We also develop a mobile app using Twilio conferencing for both the platform “Android” and “iOS”.

What Epicomm can build using Twilio?

Epicomm had created plenty of services by integrating twilio. Our services include solution integration and technology recommendation to provide CRM solutions like CRM Integration, CRM Implementation, and Mobile CRM.

Communications APIs for enabling messaging, voice chats, and video conversations.

Programmable connectivity options for providing virtual phone numbers, SIP trunking, and messaging.

Use-case APIs for powering abstraction for authentication, message control, and call routing tasks.

Omnichannel Communication:

A) Twilio Programmable Chat

B) Programmable Voice API

C) Programmable Video

D) Twilio Studio

D) Twilio Flex

Technology Domains:

1) Reactjs

2) Java

3) Android

4) Swift

Functionalities that EpiComm provides using twilio:

Automation & Artificial Intelligence (AI) – leading edge intuitive technology. It provides self service, agent assisted and fully automated alerts and actions.

Twilio Flex & Plug-in: We can integrate our application (CRM) into twilio flex. We can implement Twilio plug-in for inbound out bound communication

Automated Scripts

Advanced telephony integration

Call routing

Help desk ticketing

Tag-based calling

Help desk groups

Call recording

Call notes

Call scripts

Call reports


SMS Conversation

Video web application

Auto dialing

Recent Case Studies


Epicomm has developed a Web based application for a healthcare industry it is basically a Customer Relationship Management Application and an E-commerce application to sell Sleep Apnea Devices. We have Integrated Twilio in order to complete the requirement.

Twilio Video Web Application

We have implemented Twilio Plug in for video conferencing. There will be multiple video conference URL where agent & customer will join.


Epicomm has developed mobile application using video APIs and SDKs for JS, iOS and Android. It has been customized to the great extent to match the needs of our clients
Mobile app -for healthcare industry build by Epicomm which has video conferencing feature, It has been made for both the platform “Android” and “iOS”.

Chat Solution

Epicomm has implemented Chat solution in two web based applications.

It is basically a Customer Relationship Management Application and an E-commerce application to sell Sleep Apnea Devices. All the facilities for a call center is provided. We have Integrated Twilio in order to complete the requirement.

Canary Text: Canary Text is simple enough to be ideally-suited for a variety of quick communication use cases including Appointment reminders, Regular service notifications, Online review requests. We have integrated Bandwidth in order to complete the requiremen